Day 3 of our Arkansas Summer RV Trip

Day 2 of our Summer RV Trip started with an early breakfast at our camp ground in Hot Spring National Park following by driving to our site we had in our bucket list, Runway Bike Park in Springdale, Arkansas!

Runway Bike Park is a 2.75 acre state-of-the-art outdoor bicycle skills training area located at The Jones Center. It’s comprised of 3 separate areas: Pump Track (largest asphalt track in North America), Skills Course, and Bicycle Playground.

The bike park was conceived out of an idea to give a training ground for aspiring mountain bikers in the flourishing Oz Trails network of mountain bike trails in Northwest Arkansas. Runway Bike Park was made possible through a grant from the Walton Family Foundation.

Following the bike park, we started our drive into Bella Vista, AR, a few miles away Downtown Bentonville. After setting up our RV, we rode our bike into town for dinner. It was a blast as the trails into town are amazing… full with pump tracks and tree coverage!

Roman Empire Garden Pickles

Another @romanempiregarden dozen pickle jars done. We are getting ready for our neighborhood @bridgewaterlivingms Kids Entrepreneur Market Day! All pre ordered jars will ship or be delivered on Monday!

#kidsentrepreneurship #kidsgardening #urbangardening #eatwhatyougrow @ Román Empire Garden